• Powerful Manufacturing System

    We have more than 8 production lines, and a series of molds and tooling. The workshop occupied more than 3000 square meters, and around 800 square meters warehouse for stocking the orders pending to be loaded. After 30 year’s improvement, our products design is mature and final products reach high accurate. We insist long term unified standard and less than 0.1mm tolerance for trusses. Our welders are properly trained and certified by AWS following the highest quality standards for welding of aluminium alloys. Usage of high speed semi-automatic cutting machine, customized welding platform and correcting platform, ensure the productions will be unified standard , precise and durable.

  • High Quality Suppliers Network

    We only purchasing Winta aluminum pipe, it’s a world famous aluminum profile manufacturer, Global Truss also purchasing from this supplier, and we only use Alcotec welding rod, Alcotec is the No. 1 supplier for welding rod in the world. Most of our purchased parts are high quality or name brand, for example Abesen LED Screen, CM chain hoist, mature and high quality supplier chain is to make sure customers could enjoy the happy and comfortable purchasing journey. “Saving money is important, but create value is much more important.” That’s what we belief.

  • World Wide Distributors

    We have plenty of customers located in different countries, once you choose us you are in our customers network. We can introduce you renting or reselling service locally in a urgent situation, there is not connecting issues, as we have plenty of customers around you. The most important is our products can be linked to Global Truss, Euro Truss, Milos Truss, Thomas Truss, Tomcat Truss, Prolyte Truss and Litec Truss, and we have distributors in LA and Baltimore USA, Mexico City Mexico, Kingston Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Sydney Australia, Auckland Newzealand, Riyadh KSA, Manila Philippine, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Hochiminh Vietnam, Stockholm Sweden, Rome Italy, London UK and Kenya. We always welcome you to join us.

  • Trade Insurance

    We supply trade insurance service which can guarantee your payment safe. If the shipment is not arrived on your hand, your money will be escrow by a third party in USA. Until you get the shipment on hand, after 15 working days, the payment will be released.


Shenzhen Nine Truss Technology Company Ltd

Nine Trust is an old manufacturer who established in 1985 , we used to be a steel structure manufacturer and steel trading company in local, in year 2003 we began to manufacture aluminum truss and stage for concert and event, at the beginning we plan to use the same standard of a name brand European truss company for connectors of truss, and we choose Winta for material supplier, we know quality is the life of a company.



  • We have been working for 5 years. As a wholeseller, every time Nine Trust could give me a satisfactory quality and price. So we will continue to cooperate with them.

    New Zealand

  • I’m an end-user. In 2014, I bought YT44 spigot trusses and table stages from Nine Trust to hold my event. These products are still being used by now. Very nice quality. It’s worth to buy.

    Jon Reeves
    Illinois, US

  • My major business is LED light. In 2016, I imported YT44 trusses from Nine Trust to build a truss system for outdoor concert. They help me to win a lot of business. Thanks for their wonderful design.


  • Nine Trust is One of the finest Aluminum truss & stage suppliers that we have ever worked with.


  • I’m a re-seller. We started working together since 2009 until now. Each time we could get together because we accomplished a lot of satisfied projects. We could provide the best quality trusses for our customers. So we win many orders. Nine Trust, a reliable partner.

    Michigan, US


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